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Sept. 28, 09:
It has been long time since last update. I have finished my Phd at last. I moved to Munich with a new job. I am working with a satellite communication developement group.

Apr. 14, 09:
Happy Bengali New Year! I wish you a prosporous year and Panta Ilish Shuveccha

About Me

Thank you very much for visiting my website. I was born in Barisal, Bangladesh in 1978. I did my Bachelor in Elecrical and Electronics Engineering in Bangladesh and moved to Germany in year 2001 for higher studies read more >>

Academic and professional interest

I am working mainly in microwave communication field. I do high frequency measurements and RF circuit designs (Hybrid and MMIC). If you are interested in this topic then my Microwave page might be interesting for you. Please visit Résumé page to browse or download my CV

Personal interest

I like travelling, music and sport. I love to travel to new cities and to meet new culture. After coming to Germany I could easily travel through Europe. which was a great pleasure for me. Some of my travel photos are in the photo album. I like to listen music and do sports. I play football, table tennis and badminton. I am a big fan of cricket. There are also some other photos in the photo page. read more >>

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